Expertise and prime consulting services

We are a small business located in Winterthur, Switzerland. Our mission is to increase business productivity and effectiveness by intelligently integrating proven technologies and custom applications into existing or changing ICT infrastructures.

We place a strong emphasis on functional, user-friendly operation and design for all of our solutions. CS-Office specializes in the following services:

  • ICT infrastructure redesign and enhancements
  • telecommunication and network analysis
  • security audits and ICT-forensic research
  • strategic consulting for ICT system architectures, infrastructures, operation and ITIL compliance
  • support for strategic decision processes and management support
  • workshops for future ICT-requirements and infrastructure projects
  • purchasing and vendor management, incl. ICT-infrastructure maintenance tasks, updates and installations

Technology scouting and lab-testing

We are able to test new technologies and software solutions to answer your technology questions. Trough long-term and extended cooperation’s with local universities and leading manufacturer’s we can bring additional extensive knowledge in a short time about new technologies you want to test before implementation.

Challenge us – we are ready to answer your questions.

Wrong firewall installations, missing logs and insufficient auditing, spyware software, viruses and other computer security problems can cause significant damage or/and business-/ICT-downtimes as well as loss of data if your systems are not well maintained. Regularly scheduled visits allow us to monitor your equipment and perform routine maintenance, preventing problems from affecting your business.

Our experts & technicians document all inspections, audits and maintenance performed to ensure that all network components are properly configured and accounted for. The recommended amount of “on-site” time for necessary investigations depends upon the number of devices and computer systems and the complexity of applications and networks attached to your systems.

Our newest Business-Area

We have started into a new business area: Model Railways/Model Trains (H0 and H0m, AC and DC).
This new branch is focusing on model trains (we sell/buy) and it’s historic setting. A large collection got recently transferred to us. We will show these special models at train-exhibitions and events related to the Swiss railway history. Some of the models are unique examples of real trains that have run (or are still running) on different lines, mainly Swiss railways (SBB / RhB / FO and other old lines that do not exist anymore).

If you are interested to have us in your project with some wonderful model trains or have an exhibition at your special event/show, contact us.
I’m sure we will find a deal!