The newest engine is a special model from Roco. It represents an older SBB/CFF engine called Fe 4/4 which was running from 1930 until the 1960-era.
Its was originally a cargo-engine which was puling some passenger waggons along on the Swiss “Seetal-Route” and with this special blue-white color-setting along the Lake of Zurich. Other engines and model do not have these special colors. They are painted with the typically green of the Swiss-railways.

The last real engine has exactly this color-setting and is owned by the Swiss-Historic railway club.

Another new model-train on my layout is the below Swiss-Express, pulled uphill by the typical “Swiss-Express” coloring Re 4/4 II engine.

This train composition was it’s first of kind which was in a fix train-composition and did not have to change engine at the end of the line. It had a Re 4/4 II at one end and a rail-car at the opposite end. So only the engineer had to change his seat-position at the end of the line. These trains have been run by the Swiss Railways from 1975 until about 2004, when the specially shaped passenger-waggons (first with airconditioning!) were sold to the BLS railway.

Very nice models (engine is a Hag 210 model, the waggons are from Liliput’s first series, built in the 1980s).