Building Technology Bridges

Building Technology Bridges

With our expertise we will find the best-suitable technology for your projects and ICT infrastructure plans.

Extended Services

Extended Services

From us you can expected an extended range of services so we can match your requirements and expectations.

Mixing the correct tune of services and applications

Mixing the correct tune of services and applications

We help you to find the correct mix between internal and external services for your ICT-requirement needs.

Newest Server Technologies

Newest Server Technologies

With our experts we can find the cost-/performance optimized server- environment to fit your performance needs.

Modern Fiberoptic Network for high-speed Datalinks

Modern Fiberoptic Network for high-speed Datalinks

We can assist you to get the modern fiberoptic performance needs covered with the right interfaces and links.


Next Server Generation

A new generation of servers is offered by HP (and will be offered by other vendors) in the next view months.

They are based on low-power, small-size Intel Atom processors that are inserted by the dozens via special “operation boards”. The HP server-project is called “Moonshot“. Other companies are using similar concepts and other processors from ARM and AMD.

Expertise & Mission

Our mission is to provide a  best of class  service for SMEs with a limited budget and under operational constrains. We optimize system and security operations according to IT infrastructure library (ITIL) standards and help you to achieve compliance with the help of suitable IT-solutions/applications.

Since 2000 our company is supporting mainly Swiss-based SMEs with dedicated solutions, helping them to be profitable by utilizing optimized ICT-solutions and systems. We currently plan to expand our services into Canada (central BC, Vancouver area) during the next 3-4 years.


Expertise and prime consulting services

Our knowledge is based on 20-years of experience in the ICT-industry. From strategic advise to newest technology implementation – we deliver high quality consulting experience at reasonable price. We will adjust to your needs and help you to get new technologies in place – aligned with your business requirements and fitting your budget.

Technology scouting and lab-testing

We are able to test new technologies and software solutions to answer your technology questions. Trough cooperations with universities and leading manufacturer’s we can gain extensive knowledge in a short time about new technologies you want to test before implementation. Challenge us – we are ready to take-over your questions.

Structures for the Future

We help you to build structures for your business that will be reliable and help you to exist in the future.

With our knowledge and long-term expertise in the ICT-industry, we can help you to get forward, even in diffuclt times.

Hello and welcome to the CS-Office Web

Welcome to our web-site & blog !

Our company is specialized in ICT-Services and Consulting and will bring you efficient and “ready-to-use” solutions. Your company needs a new, modern and state-of-the art ICT-environment for you company or office?

-> No problem, we will bring you there in no time.

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